PET-Purkit ja tölkit


We produce PET-Jars in Randers, Denmark in our brand new PET stretch blow mould machines. At the moment we are able to make jars and bottles with a volume up to about 2 liters and with a wide variety of threads.

We can manufature items in PET with threads up to 38 mm in diameter on current platforms and soon even larger.

So if your next project is a jar, bottle, can or something else with a thread or snap-on, then contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Pharma-tech A/S produces the standard threaded PET-Packer jars for food supplements, vitamins, candy, food and for tablets and pills.

For example: We have a Boston 100 ml bottle with 24/410 thread. Bottle can be made in virgin material or post consumer recycled PET up to 100% r-PET. Even for food!

So if you need a PET-Jar for food, health food, dietary supplements or something different or a bottle for water, beverage, juice or if it is for cosmetics, veterinary- or house hold products we can most likely help you!


Our PET-Packer jars is fitted with a 38 mm continous thread and we can for exaple produce bottles with these threads and more: 24/410, 24/415, 28/410, 28/415, 28ROPP, 38mm 3-start


You can also choose any color. IE Clear, white, amber, green, blue or exacly what color you want.

If you choose one of the moulds and colors we have in stock, we can deliver as little as a single pallet if you should need.

Your own mould:

If you want your own design. A bottle with a special expression, or just a model we do not allready have a mould for, we can help you making the moulds for it.

If you get your own mould you design options are almost endless. A designed mould can support your brand identity and make your product unique and easily recogniseable.

Contact us to learn about your options.

Food safe:

When we deliver your PET-Jar or PET-Bottle for food, a certificate of compliance is always attached as our guarantee to you, that the product is suitable for food contact and food safe.


We produce your PET-Jar or bottle in Randers, Denmark in-house and according to our strict GMP certifications in accordance with ISO 15378 and ISO 9001. We are also Certified in ISO 14001.

Sustainable, recycled and recyclable plastics:

When we manufacture your packaging, you can choose to have the jar or bottle made in e.g. 25%/30%/50% or up to 100% recycled plastic, r-PET.

Our r-PET is consumer-collected recycled plastic of the type also called PCR – Post Consumer recycled.

The source of PCR r-PET varies according to customer requirements. Eg. the plastic can be thoroughly sorted at source and only come from water bottles. – This makes the base color bluish. If the source is exclusively from French milk bottles, the bottle becomes lightly grey-black and if it is more generally collected consumer bottles, the color of the bottle varies from yellowish or brownish to grayish.

All PET jars and bottles we make are recyclable. It means that they can be sorted as hard plastic (PET) and turned into new bottles, a chair, a bag or something else exciting.

EFSA Approved method:

Our recycled PET is produced in EFSA-approved facilities with plastic waste from Denmark and Europe in accordance with the European Commission’s regulation: (EC) No 282/2008

FACTS: GMP ISO 15378 ISO 9001 ISO14001 100% PCR PET Free color choice rapid delivery Made in Denmark


We produce PET-Jars and bottles with our certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 15378 and ISO 9001. Also our environmental certification ISO 14001

Jars: 75-250 ml

Our PET-Packer PET-jars are produced in several volume sizes ranging from 75 ml to 250 ml

Threads: 20-38 mm

Our PET-Jars are standard 38 mm continous thread and our bottles can be produced with a wide range of threads. IE.: 24/410, 24/415, 28/410, 28/415, 28ROPP, 38mm 3-start and naturally many more on request.

Colors: Any/choose freely

You can freely choose any color or transperancy you need. IE: Clear, White, amber, green or any other colour you might need for your project. Solid or transperant too.

MOQ: from 1 pallet

If you choose one of out preexisting moulds, shapes and colors in stock, we can produce and deliver from one pallet.

Delivery time: 1-3 weeks

If we have you requested mould and raw material in stock, your production can start when ordered and you can have freshly made jars and bottles just a week later.

Recycled Plastic: 0-100%

We can produce in pure virgin material or any mix of recycled PET r-PET from 0-100% as your project needs.