Boston Series

Boston flasker


These bottles are a small selection from the hundreds of bottles we have available. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you cannot find the bottle you need.

Pharma-Tech A/S produces a wide range of bottles suitable for food, healthcare, personal care, cleaning and chemical industries.

Boston 100 ml

Item number: 30010024
Volume (ml): 100
Material: HDPE
Neck (mm): Ø24
Diameter (mm): 40,1
Height (mm): 118,6

Boston 200 ml

Item number: 3397C
Volume (ml): 200
Material: HDPE
Neck (mm): Ø24
Diameter (mm): 38
Height (mm): 150,9

Boston 500 ml

Boston 500 ml

Item number: 30050024
Volume (ml): 500
Material: HDPE
Neck (mm): Ø24
Diemater (mm): 67
Height (mm): 192