The Global Goals

The Global Goals
4. May 2022 admin

At Pharma-Tech A / S, we work actively with the global goals.

Read more below about what goals we are focusing on and what we have already achieved or are in the process of achieving.

goal 3

For several years, Pharma-Tech A / S has supported the Danish Hospital Clowns for the benefit and joy of hospitalized children

We hire employees in flex jobs and always find a solution to retain employees who should be in the unfortunate situation of partially losing their ability to work. This work has in 2017 given us a certificate from Randers municipality, for our overall CSR efforts and contribution to creating an inclusive labor market in Randers municipality.

All employees are offered health insurance through the joint pension scheme.
All employees are also offered a private health scheme.

Pharma-Tech has a canteen scheme with healthy alternatives and free fruit.

Pharma-Tech A / S takes plastic maker apprentices and trainees into the company, and we also have equal pay for equal work regardless of gender, orientation and religion.

At Pharma-Tech A / S, there is equality between the sexes. – This is reflected in equal pay and equal opportunities for men and women in the company. There are women in management positions and the three owner managers consist of 2 men and one woman. The board consists of 50% women and 50% men

We do not use drinking water in our production for machine cooling. All process water is recycled, which results in avoiding unnecessary consumption of drinking water.

When collecting surface water, we have installed pellet filters to stop contamination of the wastewater.

Pharma-Tech A/S continuously keeps an eye on opportunities to invest in sustainable energy from e.g. sun or wind – We have focused on the fact that our surplus energy can be recycled and are in the process of challenging local authorities on a project with the recycling of our surplus heat that our machines and production generates

Pharma-Tech A / S works daily to move possible sales in the sustainable direction.
In 2021, we have been certified to manufacture products from raw materials manufactured under ISCC Massbalance as well as Post Consumer recycled plastics and plastics recycled from old industrial fishing nets. – In addition, we are constantly working to downgrade the proportion of raw materials that are included in each packaging, where possible, but still provide good products that protect the contents sufficiently to also reduce food waste.

A project with circular recycling has become a reality in 2021-2022. The items for the customer are now produced with 25% recycled material. The recycled material comes from used items that the customer returns to us. The plastic is then granulated, which can be recycled directly into new items – thus saving on new products and reducing the environmental footprint.

We are always looking for similar projects that can support sustainable production and provide a higher proportion of recycled plastic in manufactured items.

In 2022, our first machines will arrive that can manufacture PET products. PET has the advantage that even recycled plastic can be used for food and medico, so we are taking a step towards strengthening the possibilities of using recycled plastic – even for food packaging and medico.

We are actively working to reduce energy consumption in the company. Since 2015, we have reduced energy consumption by 40% per kg of plastic through energy improvements in production lines, changed workflows and innovative solutions, as well as investments in new production lines.

Pharma-Tech A/S has a goal of reducing production waste so that the need for new virgin raw materials is reduced and the production of waste is minimized, this is reflected in our implemented ISO 14001, which is expected to be certified in 2022.

Pharma-Tech A/S works towards sustainable packaging of our products. In 2022, we replaced the cardboard in our cardboard boxes and trays with recycled cardboard, and now close to 98% of all the cardboard we use is FSC certified.

In addition, return schemes are being worked on, where customers can return cardboard trays for direct recycling – without energy consumption in addition to the transport back to us.

We participate in networks where we, together with other stakeholders, can influence the development. For example. utilization of surplus heat (Randers Municipality)

By purchasing recycled plastic for production, we strengthen the incentive to hand in plastic waste for recycling.

For example. old fishing nets are collected for recycling instead of simply being dumped in the sea or burned off.

Pharma Tech A / S informs customers about the possibility of production in sustainable recycled materials and already has the knowledge and technology to manufacture in these materials, as we have already produced several products in these materials.

This strengthens the fight against plastic waste ending up in the sea

We offer our customers to produce biodegradable packaging. We produce biodegradable ornaments for coffins. And in this way, we do our part to ensure that plastic that is dug down degrades over time.